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est Biomimesis Veil Effector

Original exclude tax 12,000 yen (40g)
Refill exclude tax 11,500 yen (40g)

Lasts approximately 90 times of use

Long-lasting hydration, infused with luxurious beauty lotion 

It keeps the skin highly moisturized, smooth
and supple with the
Water Sealing technology.

est Biomimesis Veil Diffuser

Exclude tax 50,000 yen

Device to spray an ultrathin veil.

Product can only be used when
Biomimesis Veil Potion is installed.
Gently sprayed on to the skin.
An ultrathin veil effectively adheres to the skin and adapts to the
natural movement of skin.

est Biomimesis Veil Potion

Exclude tax 8,000 yen (9ml)
Lasts approximately 45 times of use

This ultra fine fiber membrane solution
that adheres to the skin, is inserted into the Diffuser.

Product can only be used when installed in the
est Biomimesis Veil Diffuser.
This ultra fine fiber silky membrane helps to keep the skin's surface
stay moist for a long time.

*All listed prices are suggested retail price


Skincare steps

Please use this last, during your night skincare routine

Demonstration video

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When using Augmented Reality technology (AR), please use a smartphone equipped with a live camera to activate the Personalized teaching function.

Recommended Operation Environment

iPhone: iPhone7 and higher / iOS12 and higher
Android: OS7.0 and higher

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  • Some functions and services may not be supported in certain regions/countries.
    Please be sure your network connection is stable. ※Access to Wi-fi is recommended.
  • Please allow access to your smartphone camera, as this service requires the use of your smartphone camera. 

Tips on using AR How To

Tip #1 
Lean your smart phone against something.

Tip #2
For easier access from your second time onwards, create a
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*For Chrome: please click the icon(as shown in the red box) and create a short cut. 

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Preparation Before Using Veil Diffuser

Press down Veil Potion nozzle

Hold the “nozzle” and the “hard section” at the top of the pouch, and press nozzle down firmly.

・Press down until the spaces between the grey and white sections are no longer visible.
・Unless nozzle is pressed down, liquid will not dispense and Veil Diffuser will not function.

Insert the Veil Potion

Remove the Veil Potion cover. Insert Veil Potion into the slot of
the Veil Diffuser.

Close the Veil Potion cover until it clicks.

Usage Instructions

Apply Veil Effector

Take 2-3 pumps of Veil Effector into your palm and apply to entire face.

Pass Liquid

Set the mode switch to the droplet symbol, Press the main switch and
release the liquid to form a droplet on the nozzle tip (Wipe away liquid with a tissue).
● “Passing the liquid” is the act of allowing the veil liquid to pass through the tip of the nozzle in droplets before spraying.

※This must be done each time before using the Veil Diffuser.

[ Environmental Conditions ]
Use the Veil Diffuser at where the humidity is relatively low, such as your living room and bedroom.
●When used in areas where humidity is too high, such as near the bathroom, the veil may not spray adequately.

Recommended environment
・Temperature : 15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
・Humidity : 25 % ~ 75 %

Spray veil

[Areas to use the Veil Diffuser]Use on both cheeks and forehead.
Avoid using around the eyes.

Set mode switch to 2(spray normal). Hold Veil Diffuser as illustrated.

In order to avoid the veil from getting stuck on eyelashes or getting in eyes when spraying, place the attached eye guard in front of the eyes.

From a distance of about 8 cm (the width of a fist), spray slowly
in a zig-zag motion starting outward and working in.

Spray slowly so that the applied area starts to turn white.
(About 30 seconds for each cheek)

Apply to entire forehead in zig-zag motions.
(About 30 seconds for the entire forehead)

Blend veil to skin

Gently press the veil from the center, working outwards.
It is important to press the veil from the center with your fingers.

Veil will turn clear when blended to skin.

Please go to sleep wearing the clear veil

After Spraying

[1]Set the mode switch to 0 (OFF)

●Wipe the tip of the nozzle clean.

[2]Close the Veil Diffuser cap

●Close firmly until you hear the “click” sound.

[3]Store Veil Diffuser on its stand 

●If the Veil Diffuser is not stored upright, liquid may harden in
the tip of the nozzle and cause clogging. 

[4]Immediately remove attached veil and other impurities on the eye guard

The next morning, Remove the clear veil

Find the edge of the veil by lightly rubbing the veil, pinch
and peel it off slowly.

●Hard-to-remove areas can be wiped away using a cotton pad saturated in lotion. This can also be done when the veil does not form properly.
 ●Continue with your regular face wash and skin care routine.


The veil sprays on my skin in a liquid form. What can I do?

●Spray at a distance of approx. 8 cm (the width of a fist) from your face.
●Use in the recommended environment, with a temperature between 15-35 ℃, and humidity between 25-75 %.

I felt some static electricity during use. Is it safe?

●Due to product specifications, some static electricity may be felt.
This is the same kind of static electricity you may encounter in daily life, and there is no risk to safety.

Is it OK to store the Veil Potion in the Veil Diffuser for a long time?

●After pressing down the Veil Potion nozzle, use all contents within approx. three months. Leaving it unused for a long period may cause it to dry out and become clogged.
●We recommend either using the Veil Potion or passing liquid through the nozzle tip at least once per month after opening.
●When storing, keep Veil Diffuser upright in its stand.

Can a veil be sprayed on another person's face or hands?

●A veil cannot be sprayed on another person.
Please use only on yourself.

If I wanted to use a face mask, when should I?

●Use the face mask at any of the steps before "Veil Effector".

Water, liquid or foreign object accidentally got into the Veil Potion slot. What should I do?

●Please take the product to the shop for inspection and/or repair.

Shop Information

Available at all est counters in major
department stores nationwide.

* Not available in a few counters.


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