Awaken to a new you.

A new future for skin flows through a single fiber*.
Welcome to a completely new sensation of beauty reborn.
Enveloped in a transparent veil,
your skin is kept in a moisturized environment throughout the night. When you
awake in the morning, you feel a renewed sense of you as you emerge into a
realm of beauty that continues to grow.

*Thread-like beauty serum from the Veil Diffuser

First, apply the Veil Effector to your entire face.
Then, insert the Veil Potion into the Veil Diffuser
and spray the veil on your skin. The Veil Potion will attach
to the Veil Effector, forming a clear veil, which blends
so seamlessly and feels so comfortable 
that it’s like part of your own skin.
Sleep well, enjoying the veil’s protective
and replenishing benefits. Sweet dreams.

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